Hiking GPS Definitions   


GPS Maps from National Geographic Mapping Software

The maps depicted on this web site were generated from ”TOPO! software copy write 2006 National Geographic Maps”.  To learn more visit http://www.nationalgeographic.com/topo. The trail and routes were developed using the following three methods and then uploaded to the National Geographic software:

1.  Traced from trails that are on the 7.5 Minute TOPO Maps.

2.  Waypoints logged as the trails and routes were hiked. 

3.  Electronic Breadcrumbs, that the GPS recorded as the trails and routes were hiked.

Trails depicted on these TOPO Maps as a line (usually in red).

As stated earlier, this information has been collected since 2002 and the method of collection has gotten more sophisticated in the more recent years.

For readability sake, TOPO Maps that are available on the Hiking Web sites, don’t have waypoints printed on the maps.  If you would like to have a map with waypoints, contact Gary Borax.

If you decide to have a TOPO Map(s) printed by an outside company, you may have to bring them a copy of:

National Geographic Amendment to TOPO! License Agreement (Contact Gary Borax)


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