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  Hiking Trails Information

This Web site contains detailed information about hiking trails and routes in Southern Arizona .

An avid hiker started gathering the trail information, presented on this web site, in 2001.  The information was accumulated from hiking books, trail maps, watch altimeter and personal hiking experiences.  In 2004, a GPS was introduced into this process and in 2006, “TOPO! software copy write 2006 National Geographic Maps” for the State of Arizona was introduced.

It has been a large undertaking to go back to the information accumulated over the years to change it based on new information gathered with a GPS and mapping software.  Therefore, at the present time, there may still be some inconsistencies in trail mileage and elevations information.  These inconsistence are being eliminate as time permits.

Disclaimer –

The tools presented on this web page (maps and spread sheets) are provided to assist the hike leader or hiker in navigating the adventure.  It is not meant to be a replacement for detailed TOPO maps, compass and your common sense.

Dove Mountain Hikers is a group of friends who hike together.  There are no hiking leaders and all those who participate are responsible for determining that they are adequately prepared to engage in such activities and that do so solely at their own risk.


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GPS TOPO MAPS from National Geographic Software (click to view definition)   



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