Dove Mountain Hikers

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Who We Are!

We are Dove Mountain Hikers and we love the beauty and challenges of the Sonoran desert. We hike to see birds, plants and wildlife or just to enjoy our wonderful surroundings. We are a group of friends who share a passion for hiking and we all take responsibility for determining our level of ability and preparedness. Some of us like to plan hikes and others like to show up and hike. Whatever your interests or abilities, you will fit in so join us!

If you are interested in hiking with us and receiving our monthly list of planned hikes, please send your name, phone number and email address to:

Town of Marana Trail Information Web

Wild Burro Parking & Trail Access

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Death on Baldy Mountain Hike

Ironwood Forest National Monument Information

2016 Hike/Bike Forum Notes

Please contact Hike Leader to join the Hike.

 Hike Schedule

Hike Pictures

                   Tortolita Trail Hiking Guide

                 Wild Burro Canyon Basic Trail Map

                 Wild Burro Canyon Crested Saguaros Trail Map

  Wild Burro Canyon Master Trail Map  New

                Tortolita Preserve Hiking and Biking Trail Map  New

               Suggested Hikes in Wild Burro Canyon Trail System

              Crested Saguaros in and Around Wild Burro Trail System

Inventory of Hikes and Trail Ratings for 150+ Hikes

Hiking Trails Information

Hiking Trail Maps of Mountains Surrounding Tucson  New

Hiking in Southern Arizona

Hiking in Southern Arizona can be a wonderful experience if you are prepared for our unique environment. Please read the American Hiking Society’s ten essentials that you should have on every hike and their recommendations for what your first aid kit should contain. It is vital that hikers here have adequate protection from the sun, including sun screen, sunglasses, and a hat, and carry sufficient water, typically between two and four liters depending on conditions. For those unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable close encounters it is useful to have a comb to brush off those “jumping” cholla.  If you encounter a Gila Monster, do not aggravate it.  Gila Monsters are known for their unwillingness to release once they bite you.  It has been reported that one can spray their eyes with rubbing alcohol.  However; rather than carrying a small spray bottle along, best to leave these critters alone!

   Ten Essentials     First Aid Kit

What We Do! 

The Town of Marana, Pima County and Cottonwood Properties have developed over 25 miles of hiking trails in the Tortolita Mountains. Parking for the Wild Burro Canyon trailhead is located at the Ritz-Carlton and is open to the public. This expanding network of trails offers a variety of hikes of different difficulties over changing terrain. Our group hikes not only these local trails, but also many others within a reasonable drive from Dove Mountain, including those in the Catalina, Tucson, Rincon and Santa Rita mountains. We also occasionally do trail maintenance hikes, naturalist outings and trips outside the area to unique locations.

DISCLAIMER: Dove Mountain Hikers is a group of friends who hike together. There are no hiking leaders and all those who participate are responsible for determining that they are adequately prepared to engage in such activities and that they do so solely at their own risk.  


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