Organization Structure 


Organizational Structure
Dove Mountain Civic Group

The Dove Mountain Civic Group is a group of volunteer residents who monitor and keep the Dove Mountain Area Residents informed the about issues involving government agencies, services organizations, land developers and other entities whose actions might impact or be of interest to the Dove Mountain Area community.

This organizational structure is set up to ensure that many eyes and ears are constantly monitoring all activities and issues that affect Dove Mountain Area.

MEMBER:  Any person who lives in the Dove Mountain Area should be a member.  They can go to and provide email information to join.  Members on our list will receive via email, a Newsletter of upcoming meetings or other information or issues that are important to Dove Mountain Area residents.  

Membership is Free

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:   Any DMCG member may be on the Executive Committee.  It is not an elected position, but appointed.  A member simply has to declare their interest to be a member of the Committee. The Executive Committee monitors issues and takes appropriate action.  Executive Committee members are encouraged to become active as volunteers to help with meetings and forums.

We are looking for volunteers to join the Executive Committee, to contribute and help with forums and evaluate future subjects of interest to all Dove Mountain Residents. You do need to be a resident of Dove Mountain Area and if interested, send an e-mail to: 

Tell us why you are interested, what you feel you can add to the committee and a little bit about your background and activities.



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